Hello! I'm Jen

You’ve come this far, so let me tell you a little more about me…

I am a photographer based in Glasgow and I am passionate about photography.

I specialise in family & childhood photography, special occasion photography & pet photography, but am equally comfortable shooting weddings or even headshots for your business.

I come from a design background, both interior & graphic design, so I guess I see the world in a different way to more left-brained people! I constantly view the world around me as a photographic opportunity, from stunning landscapes, to your living room! You may not think your home is special, but it’s the most extraordinary place in your life.

With 3 daughters & a doggo, I’m pretty good with kids & fur-kids, so that’s a brucey bonus! This means I can capture you, and them, at their best and most natural! There’s no ‘Chandler’ smiles when I’m behind the camera! We play games, we chat, we have fun…and that’s how you get those cherished, authentic moments that make your world so unique.

If you’d like to capture your family in all their fabulousness, contact me any time, I love to chat!