The McArthur Family

Quite possibly the wettest weather I’ve ever done a shoot in! But….this extended family were absolute troopers! The first half-hour was fine & dry, but as we were about to set off to location 2 (naively thinking we’d got away with it!) the heavens opened, big time!

Plan B was to hide in the woods under umbrellas and bring groups/individuals out to the light while I tested the waterproof capabilities of my jacket!!

Sometimes you’ve just got to roll with the punches when you live in Glasgow, and with this being a very special Golden Wedding Shoot for the grandparents, we cracked on regardless!

Thank you all so much for being so patient, it was a blast!

Jen Scott Photography

I am a natural light photographer in Glasgow who works with lovely, laid-back people to capture the 'real' moments that make your life extraordinary. I'd love to hear from you!

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