When was the last time you were in the frame with your children?!

If you’re anything like me, the answer is probably ‘I can’t remember’! As mums, we’re always making sure we capture our children growing, and it’s so easy these days with the camera’s on phones. But if we want in on the action, we need to do a selfie (and end up looking like a potato!) or we rely on someone else to do it, which usually means asking, rather than it just happening!

Why is it SO important?

The answer is simple. It’s important to our children to have tangible memories that will literally never fade. Their childhoods are so shortlived, and although they will have memories, they will be few and far between as new ones are made growing up. I look back at the small amount of photos I have of my childhood, and they spark memories, which in turn sparks joy! But do I have any WITH my mum?! Not enough, and that’s sad.

My mum sadly, and very suddenly, passed away 17 years ago when I was pregnant with my 1st daughter, and there are simply not enough photographs left behind. I want to be able to sit for hours and pour through photos of her so I can remember her. I want to be taken back to a time when she was here so I can ‘feel’ her again, but there’s not enough. And photos are incredibly powerful beasts. They are windows to the past, that may not seem important while we’re here, but when someone is gone, they are everything.

I know, I know…..I HATE having my photo taken too. I don’t have a good side, my figure isn’t ‘perfect’ and I often look like a man….but my children see NONE of that! What they’ll see when I’m long gone is just their mum. Someone who they loved, who made them feel safe, probably lost her s**t too much, and hopefully made them laugh! And one day, it will be all they have left and they’ll whisper a silent ‘thank you’ to heaven for all the times I forced them into a photograph.

So although you may hate having your photo taken, your children literally don’t care!! To have beautiful memories, for them , is priceless, and the best gift you could ever give them!

It’s never too late to start capturing memories with your children! Whether you’re a mum, a dad, granny, grandpa, aunty, great granny (you get the jist!), start capturing those connections now! Bring the whole family and give your children (and your walls!) the most precious gift there is!

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